Personal Training (int. Clients)

You would like to reach your personal goal faster and benefit from exclusive care?

Get motivated and coached individually by your own personal trainer!

What is Personal Training?

Personal training is a holistic approach and a highly efficient form of training in a 1 on 1 setting.

Your individual movement pattern and fitness is our focus.

We combine meticulously selected tests and screenings to define your body’s condition and quality of movement. We work with several methodologies from sports medicine to reach an optimal level of performance.

Simply based on the newest evidence from exercise and health science.

Reasons to choose Personal Training:
  • stress at work
  • improve physical and mental balance
  • optimize cardio vascular performance
  • optimize neurophysiological activity
  • improve metabolism of hormones
  • optimize body weight
  • get healthy
  • stay healthy
Where does you Training take place?

Your personal training session can take place at our therapy centre futuro, outside in nature or in your home.


Do you have further Questions or want to Book a Session?

Reach for us under 061 923 30 63 or mail us at:


Personal Training is available for booking as regular training supervision or as individual appointments for instruction & supervision for independent fitness/home training.

1  Personal Training             at Futuro/Outdoor              120 CHF
10  Personal Trainings           at Futuro/Outdoor            1000 CHF


1  Personal Training             at home                                 160 CHF*
10  Personal Trainings           at home                               1340 CHF *
*for Area of Liestal, further Locations by arrangement.

(All Fees incl. Screenings & Testings)

Deine Personal Trainerin:

Rebecca Vetterlin

As your personal trainer I’ll accompany you safe and efficient to your goal.

Let’s start your training!



Telefon: 061 923 30 63